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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Yoga Challenge: #MoveMoreYoga

Throughout the month of September, I'll be participating in another Instagram yoga challenge, this time run through the Move More Fitness ambassador group!  We'll have a theme for each week, and we'd love to see your poses for each week's guideline!  To play with us, be sure to tag #movemoreyoga and #movemorefitness.  For inspiration, you can check out daily poses from the challenge host @ywezelenburg or @movemorefitness!  Get ready to get your flex on!

Week 1: Animal Poses
Week 2: Standing Balances
Week 3: Inversions
Week 4: Backbends
Week 5: Relaxation and Restoration


  1. I need to do another Yoga Instagram challenge soon. I found myself burnt out from trying to take the perfect picture because I always had to take photos by myself...LOL.


    1. I had the same problem previously, and still some days can't get a photo because it's just me all day. But I have more supportive people around now who don't mind taking a few minutes for my picky photos, so I figured I'd try it again!

  2. You can always take video and do a screen shot. Thanks for promoting Amanda!