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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Shopping Guide: Runners

Runners like to think we're pretty easy to shop for, but that doesn't stop our families from asking us "uhh, so what do you want for Christmas?" every year!  If you're stuck on ideas shopping for that runner in YOUR life, consider some of these great options.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

BUFF Headbands - Keep your ears, neck, face, and head warm and cozy for winter running with a Merino wool Buff!  Or, in the warmer months, get a UV Buff to protect your face and neck from harsh sun exposure.  Buffs come in dozens of colors and patters, so you're sure to find the perfect style for ANY personality!  They also make bandannas, gloves, scarves, and traditional headbands.

RunLites Gloves - Light up the night and stay safe with RunLites!  These gloves contain removable light packs that rest on the back of your hand, making them much more comfortable than a headlamp and completely unobtrusive while you're running, not to mention easier to aim when you need to scan your surroundings.  There's even an elastic that will hold your race fuel for you!

Race Entries - This is a sure winner!  Pick a dream race or even just an open-ended offer and make your own gift certificate!  Every runner's worst nightmare is figuring out how to afford their race schedule.  Take some of that burden off their shoulders and they'll love you forever...

JournalMenu Training Planner - Fully customizeable both inside and out, this is a gift that can be tailored to ANYone.  From creating personalized covers to choosing your page layout, and even picking supplemental and informational inserts to be included, JournalMenu lets you craft a tool that meets any goal or training program!

Hydrus Performance Hydration - A liquid concentrate electrolyte mix, Hydrus is one of the best hydration products available on the market.  Not only is it excellent for long runs, hot runs, and recovery, it's also being used by major hospitals to help rehydrate patients suffering from symptoms like nausea and vomiting.  The power is in the microbubble formula that will take your insides from parched to healthy in record time! (Use promo code FITNYX to get free shipping on your Hydrus order!)

Polar Performance Watch - For the serious runner, Polar wearables provide a wealth of training feedback, including distance, splits, pace, heart rate, elevation, and more.  All that delicious data helps track goal progress and highlights opportunities for improvement.  Even the casual runner can enjoy the benefits of GPS tracking and step counting!  (Plus, free shipping on orders over $100!)

Shoes - Every runner needs shoes, but do be mindful that it's not ideal to run in just any ol' shoe.  Many runners get fitted for the right amount of support and fit for their gait; some even get custom-formed insoles to ensure the shoe meets their body's needs.  If you're not sure which shoe your runner needs, consider a gift card to a running store instead!

iTunes Gift Card - Runners are music lovers too!  Especially on those long runs, it's great to have a long playlist of all your favorites.  Stuff a little running love into their stocking this year with a gift card to fill their devices with their favorite running jams!

Hope this has helped you find the perfect presents for the runners on your list!  Stay tuned for more holiday shopping guides, including ideas for lifters, yogis, and recovery products for ANY fitness fanatic!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. I love my BUFF! It's been the best thing in Chicago winters for me.:) I'm sending this article to my hubs, with a *wink wink* attached.