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Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Shopping Season

Just a quick post today - I wanted to tell y'all about some things I have in the works for the holiday shopping season!  As you've probably seen, I work with many products and brands throughout the year and have found some absolutely amazing products that would make PERFECT holiday gifts for the runners, yogis, and lifters on your shopping list.  Last year I did a composite holiday shopping guide, with a little something for everyone.  This year, I'm going to be separating lists for different purposes so I can touch on even more ideas in each niche.

Additionally, I'm starting to receive holiday promo codes for some of my favorite products, enabling me to pass on some great deals to all of YOU!  For now, those promo codes will be listed on my Product Reviews page (so you can get more information on the items too).  As additional promotions pop up, I may add a "Deals and Promotions" page again to house more discounts and shopping ideas from the various companies with whom I have established positive relationships.  Please note, some of these codes or promotions may be affiliate programs, which means I receive a small monetary kickback from your purchases.  This does NOT affect your cost, and only helps to keep my blog up and running for another year.  I will never promote a product I have not used personally, nor will I promote companies that I do not support, regardless of how much they want to pay me.  If you have any questions on affiliate products or ANY of my reviews, I am always available by email or social media.

Stay tuned for fitness gifts for EVERY category, coming next week!

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