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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wanna #TakeTheLeap with Me?!

January started off the year with a month of #NoExcuses. It was a great way to kickstart 2015, because it aligned perfectly with my own personal goals, and I feel GREAT about my successes in the past 30 days! But now, it's time for a REAL challenge.

In February, I'm going to #TakeTheLeap, a new yoga challenge from SweatPink! I'm committing to finding time every day - even just five minutes - to stop, relax, and get in touch with my inner yogi. I'm still just a beginner, but even beginners should consider themselves true yogis (and yoginis).

That's why I've volunteered to actually lead this challenge! That's right, your's truly is a YOGA CHALLENGE LEADER! I've chosen to take on this role to set the example: that yoga is about dedication to yourself first and foremost, and that your flexibility or strength doesn't define your success in your yoga practice. You won't be seeing me in fancy handstands or super-bendy intricate poses - I have physical limitations, like many of us do. Instead, I'll be focusing on finding myself through more basic poses, and slowly pushing my boundaries through self growth.

SO! Here's what I want to see: I want to see all of YOU step up to the challenge! #TakeTheLeap with me and learn how to soar right there in your own skin! Take a few minutes every day to breathe. Find a pose in which you can be comfortable, or find a pose that challenges you! Either way, share it with me (@FitNyx on Twitter, @fitnyxblogs on IG), with your friends, or with EVERYONE by tagging #sweatpink #taketheleap and @FitApproach! You can also tag our sponsor, prAna, with #prana or @prana - I'll have more to say about prAna in a couple days, too!

Even if you're not sharing your progress, you can still follow the challenge on social media. I'll be posting a basic or easy intermediate yoga pose to Instagram every day between February 2nd and March 8th. Join in, explore with me, or find more advanced poses by searching #taketheleap to find some of the other leaders' examples.

Can't wait to see you #TakeTheLeap with me this February! SEE YOU MONDAY!


  1. How cool that you are the leader of the challenge! I can't wait to see what's in store. I am psyched to be a part of the blogger team sharing about this awesome challenge!

  2. My knowledge of yoga extends to...googling "yoga poses" and randomly picking one that looks cool to attempt to copy, hahaha. Thanks for tagging me! ;P I will try!

    1. SAME HERE! But this is also the year of #NoExcuses, so I'm sucking it up and pushing myself! You can also check out doyogawithme.com for tons of free yoga videos - that's how I got rolling with my yoga practice once I couldn't make my favorite classes anymore!