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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My #NoExcuses Goals for 2015

This month, I've been participating in a Sweat Pink event called #NoExcuses - something of a group New Year's resolution.  The Sweat Pink team has united under the commitment to making 2015 a year of strength, perseverance, and fitness FUN!

But everyone has a slightly different take on what exactly it means to live a life of #NoExcuses.  For me, it's a list of goals, several habits I am working to build in the new year.  So far, I'm making excellent progress, but there's always room for improvement.  Over the course of 2015, I am applying the #NoExcuses mantra to the following pursuits:

Blogging More Consistently - Not necessarily writing a fabulous post every day, but taking the time to write through, well-thought-out posts that are interesting, informative, and relevant.  I want to connect more to my readers by addressing topics that spark conversation, by providing product reviews (and giveaways), and by making myself more accessible in my direct, local community.

Establishing a Group Ex Schedule - I'm already kicking this goal in the butt!  I earned my Zumba instruction license last April, and though I have always managed to find places to teach, my schedule has been wonky to say the least.  At the start of the new year, however, I began a regular schedule of three classes a week, and have made connections and built followings that will open doors to new group ex formats for me to learn and teach.  It's an exciting prospect, and I hope to continue to grow my classes and broaden my repertoire!

Running More Often - Puppy's gonna help with this one!  Last year I went for more training runs that I actually ever expected myself to do on my own, but I was by no means consistent, or even frequent.  That may have worked last year when the goal was just "move more," but this year I have concrete goals towards which I'm working, including PR times for every race distance I've experienced so far.  It's going to take actual training, with some regularity, to make these goals a reality.

Making Time for Myself - Last year's career change was a big step in the right direction: I now have time to teach more classes, train more regularly, raise my puppy, and spent much more quality time with my husband.  But in all of that, I also have to remember to set aside "me time" to keep building my inner strength and to stay in touch with my inner self.  I'll be participating in a yoga challenge in February (more info on that coming soon) to help foster a stronger connection to my own spirit, and I've been making more time for my crafting, a pursuit that makes me feel whole.  This is a big part of my need for #NoExcuses, because it's my personal time that is often sacrificed for other activities, so I will definitely need to work extra hard to stick with my "me time."

Returning to Orienteering - So this is more of a "stretch goal" but it's something I want to find time for nonetheless...  When I was much younger, my dad and I would frequently participate in orienteering challenges in the Cleveland Metroparks.  It's a map and compass reading skill test, in which participants use minimal items to navigate the woods to find waypoint markers.  You have a certain amount of time to locate all the waypoints and make it back to base.  Dad and I LOVED it, and about a month or so ago, I found out that Chicago has an orienteering group as well.  I'm going to find a way to get back into, which will probably mean giving myself an intense refresher in my woodsman skills, but it'll be so much fun to get back in touch with my outdoorsy roots!

If I can cut my habit of making excuses instead of pushing myself for results, I can make 2015 the most amazing year of my life - and I firmly intend to do just that!  WHO'S WITH ME?!

How will YOU make 2015 your year of #NoExcuses?  Has anyone else tried orienteering?  What's your favorite "me time" activity?


  1. Orienteering sounds so cool. I hope you get back into it! My favorite me time activity is either working out solo or reading a good book :)

    1. Wanna come play in the woods with me? I'd love to have an orienteering buddy again!

  2. Puppies make the best running buddies ever. <3 I've never heard of orienteering, but it sounds so cool! :D If you do get back into it, I look forward to reading about it! :]