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Friday, January 16, 2015

A little teaser - and always worth sharing

I've spent a lot of time this week working on a post that addressed a bad habit I've let creep into my blogging: allowing self-judgement and body-image issues color my posts.  I've been thinking a lot about some criticism I've received lately, and am eager to finally respond publicly.  That post will go live tomorrow morning.

In the meanwhile, I want to share a video that was shared by a close friend, who also happens to be the main source of the aforementioned criticism.  Of all the attempts to "empower women in sports" that have been done of the years, this is by far my favorite.  It helps that said friend decided I am the "foxy" Zumba participant about 35 seconds in, which I found to be quite flattering, if a little silly!


  1. That video is great! I love that it shows real bodies and REAL enjoyment of exercise!

    1. Exactly! It's the most true to live campaign yet! Check out today's post too for a little more about real bodies...