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Monday, August 18, 2014

Victory is MINE

Just about one year ago, my loving husband gave me the greatest gift I've ever received: a three-gallon tub of bubblegum ice cream.

In all its frozen glory.

Bubblegum ice cream is - as you can guess - my absolute FAVORITE flavor, and it is incredibly hard to find.  We only know of one place on our end of the city that has it, and it's expensive to get a single serving each time we were over there.  So hubby decided to just stock up and save!  I eagerly dug in, expecting the trough to run dry very quickly.

Much to my surprise, even so delicious a flavor as bubblegum does eventually get a little old.  I had to take a couple weeks-long breaks from the stuff, and I took a much longer break at the beginning of the year when I vowed to eat healthier (I do eat much healthier than before now, but I let myself indulge more often now).  But still my scoop kept finding its way back to the basement freezer, and I continued to fill bowls with the cold pink dessert.  I chipped away at the tub, a little at a time, until finally...

...I scraped the bottom.  Tonight.

Scoop for scale.

It's gone.  Every last bite, every last chicle of gum.  That's all there is; there ain't no more.  It took me the course of a year, but I ate it all.  You can even see the scrape lines at the bottom of the tub where I tried to drain every last melty drop of goodness.

It puts the ice cream in the basket...

And now, I have dairy belly.  And a nice big smile.  And an even bigger calorie surplus.  WORTH IT.

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