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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gettin' lucky!

So, this is TOTALLY not fitness related at all - but I just had to brag a bit.  It isn't even all that impressive, but it was a big win for me, so just go with it, alright?

I spent some time at the local casino tonight, since my family is in town to support me at tomorrow's race and my mother enjoys playing slots occasionally.  She has a ridiculous winning record, and even hit a massive jackpot a couple weeks ago.  Me?  Not so lucky, usually.  When I arrived at the casino today, I didn't expect much.  I usually put a $20 into one of the penny slots, and complacently plod away until I have nothing.  Mom stays pretty far away from me, to avoid catching my bad luck.

Tonight, I specifically requested we stay together, since my dad and I have shared a few runs this summer but I have done very little with just my mom.  She obliged, but quickly regretted it: I stole her luck tonight.

This single spin on a two-cent machine was worth over $50.

Seriously.  We'd sit down at a couple machines, I'd pay for one spin, win a bunch of free spins, and let those free spins triple or quadruple my money.  Then I'd watch my mom make a few more futile spins on her machine before she got fed up and we moved.  We'd pick new machines, and again, one or two spins in, I'd win free spins and triple up again.

Awwwww yessssssss!

It kept happening!  Mom got a little grouchy, but by the end of the night she still had made a profit anyway.  I turned $50 into $200, which was the first time I'd actually left a casino with more than the first $20 I'd spent.  Which made this a HUGE mark in the win column for Amanda tonight!

Let's hope that luck carries through to the morning and helps me soar to the finish in record time...

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  1. Congrats on the huge win at the casino! Must be nice! :)