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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shivering with antici....

As a new fitness blogger, I'm anxious to get more practice with the art of race recaps.  This weekend, I participated in TWO phenomenal events, and I'm itching to tell all about them - but I'm waiting for the race photos to be released so I can use pretty pictures in my write-ups.


Free race photos are a coveted luxury in the racing world, with many events opting instead to provide photos at a very high cost, often due to the cost associated with taking thousands of high-quality photos and editing them for participants.  When a race or event offers freebies, who am I to complain about waiting more than 24 hours to get a look?!

But here I am, two marvelous race recaps drafted and waiting in the wings, but I can't send them into the spotlight just yet, and all I can think about is "why are my free photos taking so long?"  Oh the woes of being a blogger...

Long story short: race recaps on the way, pending the fruits of organizers' generosity!  And THANK YOU to both the Epic Fail Challenge and Fort2Base for affording us eager runners that generosity!

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