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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

MD Calf Sleeves - Tried It Tuesday

Recovery, recovery, recovery.  I have learned this lesson a thousand times over by now: after putting your body through athletic strain, it's ever so important to take good care of it properly to ensure you can KEEP pushing!  There are various aspects of recovery, including proper nutrition to replace what you've used up and to enhance muscle healing, active stretching and yoga, and light cross training.  My favorite recovery strategies, though, are the ones that don't require a lot of attention - which is why I LOVE my compression sleeves after long runs and races!

Disclaimer: I received these sleeves at no cost in exchange for my review.
All opinions expressed here in are, as always, my own.

Compression sleeves are designed to increase blood circulation thanks to "pressure points" along the length of the sleeve.  Each compression point helps squeeeeeeeeze along the direction of bloodflow to ensure your muscles are getting enough blood to keep them healthy.  Your blood also carries the building blocks for muscle tissue, so increased circulation can help your muscles repair themselves quicker.  Additionally, the compression helps push blood back up to the heart, carrying away the lactic acid and other waste products that are created by exercise.  Between these various benefits, the main takeaway is that your muscles will feel better faster, allowing you to get right back into training with minimal down time (and minimal hobbling after a big run)!

Though I've tried compression products before, these new MD calf sleeves might be my new favorites.  Other calf sleeves have been a little too long for my short little legs, so I end up with bunching around the ankle or knee (and with compression gear, bunching can be quite painful).  Compression socks have had too much pressure on my arch and made my feet go numb.  My MD sleeves, though, are just the right length and size for my calves!  Wearing them around after a race (like Saturday's Fall Classic half marathon) or even after a tough leg day at the gym is so easy: I just slip them over my calves and go about my life, then the next day I'm right as rain and ready to do it all again!  Seriously, you can't ask for an easier recovery booster.

Some people choose to run in their compression sleeves, too.  I have not found wearing my sleeves while I'm active to work for me, personally, but if you're suffering from poor circulation during races, maybe compression sleeves can help you.  To me, they're just too tight while I'm flexing mid-stride.  Maybe it's mostly psychological, but it doesn't work for me so I don't do it - that doesn't mean others don't benefit!  If you wear your sleeves while you run, post a comment about how the sleeves have helped you on the road!

If you haven't tried compression yet, or are looking for the perfect gift for the runner in your life, try out MD calf sleeves with 20% off on Black Friday!  These sleeves come in fun colors and are very true to the sizing chart posted, plus they're Prime eligible on Amazon.  Sleeves make great stocking stuffers!

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