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Friday, November 18, 2016

Life Update

So, I talked a little about the marathon and a few other little things recently, but then got real quiet again.  As usual, this indicates yet another crazy hectic time in my life (to be expected at this point, I should thing) during which my focus has been elsewhere and my schedule has not allowed me to sit and write anything of interest or substance.  As always, I appreciate the people who follow me even in these slow-posting times!  Here's what's been keeping me away from the blog:

Managing the Cleveland Turkey Trot

My full-time job as a race manager makes my life pretty hectic anyway, but with our biggest event of the year on my shoulders, the past couple weeks have been even more full of work stuff than usual.  While much of it is a little stressful, the Cleveland Turkey Trot is a huge event and it's pretty exciting to be taking the helm this year!  I actually ran the race last year, before having the opportunity to join the company, and despite some minor race day hiccups, I had really enjoyed the event!  Now it's my baby and I'm trying to take very good care of it, despite some setbacks that are making my job more challenging than it usually would be...  At the end of the day, I anticipate a pretty great race day (weather permitting) and would LOVE to have you join me!

Crap, I just realized I dunno where the turkeys are for this year's race.

Rebooting My Running

I did that little marathon a couple weeks ago, and while I honestly felt fine physically afterwards (besides my toe which needed a few days to heal), it took a while for me to start moving my feet again.  I've done a couple very short runs, but I've been so busy I haven't really put too much emphasis on running again.  With my ongoing goal of running a half marathon every month for a year, though, I haven't dropped out of running entirely!  In fact, I just registered for my November half (Amish Country, here I come) and plan to pound a little more pavement this weekend too.  I may not be in top form for the race, but I did my July half with even less immediate preparation and in far worse shape than I am these days, so I'm not too worried about it!

Accurate representation of every run since MCM.

House Hunting

My quest for a new home started months ago, but has really heated up lately.  I actually currently have an offer down and am waiting with baited breath to see how things turn out - there may be another offer on the table and I'm not about to get in a bidding war, but my fingers are crossed for the best.  It's been a year and a half since I left my home in Chicago, and while I appreciate my parents letting me crash in my brother's old room...  It's about time I got out of here and had my own space again.  And my own stuff.  That isn't crammed in a storage unit a half hour away...

Nothing in the house I want is this nice.  I'm poor.

And that's about it!  Doesn't seem like much when I list it out, but that Turkey Trot thing is about 90% of my life right now, and the house hunting is another 40%, and I'm pretty sure 130% is still accurate math on this one.  Once the Trot is over, I have only one more race to manage (and two races to run) for the rest of the year, so come December 12 I should finally be able to relaaaaaax!  Oh, and maybe blog a little more...

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