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Friday, September 23, 2016

Farewell to Summer!

Awwww summer is over!  Though my runs were sweltering, the other activities I filled my time with were incredible and I can't help but admit that this has probably been the best summer of my life.  For this week's Friday Five, here are some of the most fun things I got to do over the past few months!

5. Indian's Games

Though I only got to see a few games live this year (and that's a lot more than usual), I'm including watching games at home with my family in this one.  Going to the game is always fun, especially when my mom treats me to a turn in the club seats and alllllllll the amazing food that goes with being in the club, but my family is just the right amount of batty to make sitting at home watching games just as much fun!  Some of the conversations that have come up while the local ballclub is on the screen have been comedic gold, and I'm really hoping the trend continues into October as our first-place Indians make a playoff run!

4. Half Marathons

Yup, running makes the list even though there have been some days when the heat and/or humidity were brutal.  The bulk of my six-in-six half marathons were in the hot months, including my current PR race, and I have to admit that the travel for some of the events as well as the races themselves were interesting highlights for me over the course of the season.  Don't get me wrong - I'm definitely looking forward to running in the cooler fall weather!  I just think this year I've developed a better appreciation for more aspects of summer running than I had previously.

3. Cedar Point

I used to love going to amusement parks every summer, riding all the roller coasters, and having a blast.  But in the past decade, I haven't had a chance to go.  So when this summer came 'round and I ended up at Cedar Point not just once, but three times, I had lots of catching up to do!  I've now ridden every coaster in the park, including all the newer ones that I had missed over the years, plus I've had a chance to enjoy the Soak City water park next door as well.  Turns out, I'll have yet another opportunity to visit the Point this year, but it'll be even more special since it'll be Halloweekends - an event I've wanted to attend for years and years, so I'm pretty juiced I'll finally get my chance!  That makes this one a two-fer: something I'll miss about summer AND something I'm looking forward to for fall!

2. Concerts

Despite my sound sensitivity, I'm a huge fan of live music and have a long list of bands I'd love to see in concert.  Many of them are broken up or deceased, yet that hasn't stopped me from seeing live performances via tribute bands!  This year I've seen Zoso (Led Zeppelin), Satisfaction (Rolling Stones), a little Limelight (Rush), Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)...  A tie for my favorite performances pits Several Species, another Floyd tribute band that I saw in the incredible setting of Nelson's Ledges, against a non-specific tribute group called Classics Live that I saw perform David Bowie's album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" along with other Bowie hits.  I've rocked out and danced my heart out all over town, all summer long.  Can't beat it - until next year when I get season tickets for the Rockin' on the River series that wasn't on my radar early enough this year!

1. Festivals

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a healthy smattering of festivals and fairs, now would it?  My family has always spent time every summer popping in on every local or community festival we could find, usually in search of the best fair foods.  Quick note here: elephant ears are WAY better than funnel cake, no they are NOT "basically the same thing" and anyone who thinks funnel cakes are better has obviously never even HAD an elephant ear.  Moving on.  This year was no different, and I made sure to get all over town to check out fairs everywhere.  There was a music festival in Painesville, the Cleveland Air Show, several local church festivals, the Cuyahoga County Fair, and of course the Great Geauga County Fair which is always my favorite.  I stopped by my old buddies, the Flying Wallendas (you know, the world-famous aerial acrobatics family), for another great Circus Incredible show and snapped what might become our annual yoga photo afterwards (coming soon to Instagram).  There was a lot more going on at the fair but there's really only one video I can show here to emphasize how cool it was:

I kept busy this summer, between work and constantly exciting activities!  Fall is upon us, and for a while I thought it might be a relatively uneventful season, but there are plenty more races, concerts, day trips, and more on the schedule to keep the momentum going!

What were some of your summer highlights, and what are you looking forward to this fall?

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  1. I'm also a Midwest gal (Iowa),but I have never been to Cedar Point. We lived in Michigan for seven years (1995-2002), but didn't make the trek then, either. Someday..... ;-) Probably my biggest summer highlight was my 12-hr overnight Ultra, and now I'm training for Route 66 (November). Then, I plan to take things easy for a few.... (said no runner ever)