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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday Word: Stressful

Okay, so I already wrote a post last week about how blogging can be stressful, and it might be a little redundant to rehash too much of that, so instead I'm going to list a few things that help me EASE the stress when I start to get too bogged down in the anxiety of it all!

  • A back rub.  Especially focusing on the neck and shoulders, where I definitely carry the majority of my tension.  Throw in some oils or a good soundtrack (see below) and I'm gone, worry-free for at least a little while.
  • Easy listening music.  One of my favorite sources is the Aersia playlist online - a repository of video game music, with a subset created for the most mellow tracks.  They've even added a thunderstorm backdrop to the playlist that can be toggled on or off depending on your preference.  I've melted away to this playlist MANY times!
  • Parks and Recreation - the TV show.  With a stellar cast and amazing writing, every episode is a feel-good adventure.  In fact, there have been some psychiatrists who have started recommending Parks and Rec as an alternative to medication for some depression patients!  I'll admit I cry at some of the most beautiful moments, but it's never because of sadness, it's always from joy or happiness!  If you're new to the show, a word of caution: many new viewers don't care much for season one.  KEEP WATCHING.  By the end of season two, new cast members will replace the one you don't like (yup, I already know who it's gonna be) and you'll LOVE the results.  Oh yeah, all the gifs and pictures in this post are from P&R, too.
  • Crocheting or crafting.  Used to be knitting, but for some reason after I learned how to crochet, the hook became my zen and needles became stressful.  With most of my yarn and other supplies still in storage, I don't do as much crafting as I used to, but occasionally I find time to make a few stitches here and there, and once I'm settled into my own space again, I guarantee my craftiness will come back to play.

  • Working out or running.  Honestly, this hasn't always been true.  It didn't start until a particularly stressful event occurred a couple years ago, when I laced up my sneakers and pounded the pavement to try to get over the incident.  Exercise isn't my go-to for every stressful situation, but I do find that a good run or lifting session helps clear my mind and gives me a kind of "reset button" when I need it most.
  • A nap.  As kids, we tend to hate nap time.  It was always right in the middle of play time and that was NOT okay.  As an adult, I have a newfound appreciation for naps.  Sometimes you just need to drift off for a while before you can tackle the next item on the agenda.
Parks and Rec recreation tv show nap time april ludgate

 And there you have it!  Six things that help me relax when I'm starting to get overwhelmed.  AND I got to use half a dozen clips from one of my favorite shows!  See?  I'm feeling better already!

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How do you handle stress?  What causes you the most stress?  What is your favorite show and why is it Parks and Rec?  ;)


  1. Working out always makes me feel better so it's one of my go to's for handling stress. I've recently started drawing / doodling again and I get so absorbed in it that I completely forget what I was stressed about! I don't have ONE favourite show, I have several - Modern Family, Game of Thrones and Vikings. Weird combo I know. :)

    1. Drawing can be SO soothing! I guess that's why the adult coloring book trend is growing so rapidly! Those are all excellent shows! My whole family loves Modern Family (one of the most consistently funny shows I've ever seen) and of course Game of Thrones is spellbinding!

  2. Um, Parks and Rec is my FAVORITE! I'm so glad it's being recommended as a replacement for medication! It makes me feel better about all those marathon binge watching sessions I've done. And all of these tips are spot on. Great post!

    1. Right?! I can now justify my binge marathons as "emotional therapy" instead of "wasting time"!

  3. Exercise always makes me feel better! And I won't lie, a glass of wine helps too. Sometimes a good comedy too.

  4. Those are great tips. Even a quick shoulder/neck rub can help diffuse stress.

  5. I like that you listed ways to destress. Working out and taking a nap are two of my favorite ways to ease the stress.

    Thanks for linking up!