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Monday, October 19, 2015

POUND Training - Rockout. Workout.

After waiting months for money, schedules, and the stars to align, I finally had the opportunity to expand my group exercise repertoire this past weekend with a training for POUND!  I'd first heard about POUND way back in May at the Fit Expo (right before the wheels that took me out of Chicago started turning), and in the turmoil since, it's been a top priority on my fitness career checklist, so it was an absolute pleasure to finally check it off yesterday!

Even though it's been around for years, many people still haven't heard of POUND - and I'm not surprised, I'd never heard of it either until I saw the demo in May!  POUND is a full body cardio-strength fusion class inspired by drumming, of all things.  At first it seemed to me a wacky concept, until I picked up a pair of Ripstix and tried it myself.  I was hooked.

Though the basic movements of POUND originally seemed like they might be a little repetitive, my training proved the incredible diversity that can be achieved from the basics.  With something like 100 variations on the building block moves, there's plenty of opportunity to keep a class from getting stale.  Plus, most of the moves really make you work!  Though I'd experienced the class before, the training reminded me just how much of a sweat those little sticks can generate.  And I'm pretty darn sore today, too...

I think POUND is going to be an excellent addition to my class schedule!  I see a few financial hurdles that might slow me down a bit (for example, might have to buy my own Ripstix package if I want to teach at various locations, and like Zumba there's a monthly fee to stay current with the brand), but that's all it would be: a slowdown, not a dead end.  Making it to and through this training was just another step - and another victory - towards the bright future I've been building all summer.  It was a great way to start the fall group ex season, and I can't wait to kick off classes at Elevated Fitness in November.  Classes are so much fun, and diversity keeps things fresh; I'm sure POUND and I will get along very well!

Have you taken a POUND class?  What was your favorite part?  What is your favorite group ex format (to teach or to take)?  What fun classes should I add next?!


  1. My friend's friend started POUND - it's pretty bad ass for sure! My arms DIE after it, but it's SOOOOOO good! So good! :)

    Pilates classes are hands down my favorite classes though!

    1. The most sore part for me after a POUND workout is my back! The hip-ups on the T&A tracks are killer and soooo good for your core!

      I took a Pilates class once or twice and thought I was gonna die, I am NOT in shape enough for that stuff! I'm so amazed and have tons of respect for the women who can do that all the time!