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Friday, August 19, 2016

Weird PRs

My race history page continues to fill, and I keep updating my PRs at various distances.  It's crossed my mind a couple times that I have some really weird PRs - and I was reminded of this again tonight while running and thinking about a joking text I wanted to send to a couple of my fellow race managers.  We have an upcoming event that is a 4.75 mile course (and that's how they advertize it, not a five miler that they're making short), so the office conversation today was all about why races pick off-distances, and whether people actually train for something like a 4.75 miler with a goal in mind.  At the end of the day, if only one race in the country does a 4.75 mile course (or maybe a handful, though I've never heard of another), does your time really count as a PR?

NOT my PR chart.  Nor are they my delightfully rainbow medals.

There's an ongoing "joke" in the running community that anyone running their first race at a particular distance gets an instant PR.  This much is certainly true, and some people keep track of their PRs at races they repeat every year.  So I guess the odd-distance races can count as a PR, but how many people in the running community are keeping track of them?  Is a 4.75 mile PR something to post to Instagram or Twitter, or will followers be a little confused?  I actually took my odd-distance PRs off of my race history page.  I don't think I'll ever run another 10 Nautical Miler (that's roughly 11.5 miles) unless it's the same race, and though I can think of a handful of four milers off the top of my head, the one that I've run doesn't have a PR listed either.  After some internal back-and-forth, I decided to keep the 15k PR posted, but even that's a kind of weird distance that you don't see too often.

Race distances that I have posted for PRs are 5k, 10k, 10 mile, and half marathon.  I'll of course add full marathon as soon as the Marine Corps Marathon is complete at the end of October, but we'll handle that when the time comes.  I don't even see 10 mile as a tracked PR for most other runners I know!  We all know our PRs at every distance (and probably most of our training runs too) but I definitely don't see too many people posting photos of their PR boards that include random distances.

We all know Tommy was the best.

Now I certainly feel that everyone should be proud of all of their accomplishments, whether it's a one-second PR in a 5k, or a 10 minute PR in a 10-miler, or even simply crossing the finish line in an excruciatingly difficult race.  I also love the unique feel of a race that breaks the popular distance race molds, and have had great experiences at some very odd distances.  I just feel weird writing my PR for a distance I'll probably never race again!

What do YOU think?  Do you track PRs for every race distance, no matter how common?  How do you feel about races that have interesting distances?  What's your favorite odd-distance race?

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  1. actually... I stopped really paying attention to PR's a while ago! but that's probably because I'm slow, my times don't change that much and at the moment the only thing I really care about is getting my marathon under 5 hours. I have run odd distance races but not often more than once! If I do run those again, I will definitely keep track! My husband made a running CV (resume) for us and it basically has EVERY race and EVERY time on it. My favourite odd distance race was by far the "La Course du Viaduc de Millau" (in the south of France) I believe it was 23.8KM!