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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I'm working on my race recap from Sunday's Rock Hall Half Marathon, but the weather knocked me out a bit and I'm taking my time with finishing that post - which left me an open slot to check out what today's Tuesday on the Run linkup topic is.  It just so happens that the prompt for this week is "race photobombs", and until Sunday I wouldn't have had anything to share!

I met up with one of my runner friends after the race, and after the first couple photos we were about to get back to our much-needed relaxing, but our friend holding the camera said "no wait, just ooooone more..."  Sure enough, later that day when she posted the race photos on Facebook, we found out why that last photo was taken!  Y'know what, though?  I don't even mind - these guys are part of the reason I love the running community so much!  It's always fun and games, even after an atrociously humid race that tested everyone who stepped onto the course.  And honestly, despite that humidity and the 13.1 mile run preceeding this picture, I actually loko pretty good... ;)

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  1. I love photobombing people. I always wonder how it turns out, but alas, I never do. But I think they are so much fun. :)

  2. That photo is too funny. I always get a kick out of pics when you do not know you are getting photo bombed until after the pic was taken.