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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Couple things I missed!

Though I'm finally doing at least a *little* better about writing more consistently, I still miss some of the things I'd like to post due to changes in work or unexpected additions to my schedule.  Having my stuff stolen was a big hiccup, and during that time I missed two big announcements that I would like to take a minute to share with you now!

I was selected as one of the inaugural FitFam Ambassadors!

Formerly Gametiime, FitFam is a massive race event compendium that has upped its game to the next level.  Over the past year, the company has hosted virtual runs (including The Puppy Run and others I have helped promote) and has started to form a community of runners across the country!  I first joined Gametiime to help find local races and to share my thoughts and race recaps to help others decide which races are right for them.  Now, FitFam is getting bigger and better, starting with the FitFam Challenge to kick off 2016.  Another great virtual race, the Challenge will bring together runners, walkers, and cyclists from all over the nation to participate in what will live on as the company's flagship event.  As usual, there will be medals and great swag for every participant, and also as usual, I have a nice little discount code for anyone interested in signing up!  Use BEYOURBEST10 at registration to get 10% off the FitFam Challenge!

As a FitFam Ambassador, you'll be seeing a lot more discount codes and other cool information from me as FitFam launches an entire year full of virtual runs and other surprises.  If you haven't signed up for the site yet, hop over soon and DO IT!  It's free and it's a great tool for any level runner/walker/biker/OCR addict/whatever!

FitFam Ambassador Logo race directory virtual runs

I was interviewed on WeightLiftingGloves.Com!

Now that I'm increasing my lifting and building better cross training habits, I've found myself investigating techniques and products for the other side of the gym - that scary area outside of the group ex room with all the weights and machines!  Gearing up has led me to making connections with various companies (for example, I talked about Brick Built last week, and there are more to come), and my search for the right products put me in touch with WeightLiftingGloves.Com a month or so ago.  After talking to them about my needs for my new POUND classes, I was invited to join their ambassador program, and was featured in an interview on their website!  I've been testing a few of their products, including wrist wraps in my POUND classes, and I can't wait to share more of my discoveries as I learn about ways to make lifting safer and more productive!

weight lifting gloves ambassador logo gear equipment gym accessories

Thanks, as always, for reading!  What fun, crazy adventures or accomplishments have come up in YOUR life lately?  If you're a racer, have you checked out FitFam yet?  If you're a lifter, what kind of equipment do you use to maximize those gainz?


  1. Nice work! Look at you, making moves :)

    1. And more in the works - gotta try to keep up with you and the other heavy hitters!

  2. Yay! :D Congrats to you on both of those! That's all sorts of awesome! :] Can't wait to hear more about both of em'!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! <3

    1. Thanks! It's amazing what cool things can happen when you actually have time to work on the things you enjoy, right? I know you know how I feel!

      You too!