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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Getting back on the calendar.

You may have noticed - I haven't posted a race recap in a long time.  Well, there was one for a silly OCR a while back, but my last actually race was early July!  Ever since I moved back to Cleveland, I've been so focused on building my group ex career and finding ways to reestablish myself in my old city, I haven't really been making time to just go run!  Much to my best friend's disappointment, I might add...

Can we run yet?  Pretty please?!

With the holiday season coming up, there are tons of fun-themed road races from which to choose, making it a perfect time to start getting back into racing with less pressure.  I've decided to add two local races to my calendar in the hopes that I will get myself (and my puppy) out onto the road a little more often in the next few weeks to prep.  We'll see how that prep work actually goes, but at the very least I'll be out there for the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving, and I'll try my very best at the Christmas Story 10k just a little over a week later!  Though I've helped coordinate a downtown Cleveland race event this past summer, I've never actually run in my own city of origin, so these races promise to be exciting new additions to my race resume!  If you're in town, come join me!

How are you staying fit over the holiday season?  Running any fun theme races?  Do you have a running buddy?

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  1. I'm running this small local race around Christmas. It's organized by one of my friends, and it benefits a local suicide hotline. It's a charity near and dear to her heart, so I'm thrilled to participate. Other than that, I'm just doing my regular runs, CF, and yoga. Marathon training starts back up in January.