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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quick Update

Hi friends!

Once again I have failed to gain the consistency I had wanted in my blogging - though as usual I am convinced I have a "good excuse.". This time it is my adorable puppy keeping me from my keyboard, and quite literally!  Since we can't pull up the carpet in the basement, we aren't taking Kaalia down there until she's more reliably trained, so I spend most of my time upstairs supervising her.  Thankfully she is learning quickly, and I anticipate having a little more freedom soon!

In the meanwhile, despite giving up running/gym time to take care of Kaalia, I've still found some Zumba opportunities and am working on some new routines to premier in the new year!  I'm also testing some products which I will review in the coming weeks.  Work is becoming a reliable routine and I'm finding a nice groove.  Once the puppy training wraps up, I think I will FINALLY be ready to make my fitness lifestyle a real priority.

Ideas or suggestions for what you'd like to see in the new year???


  1. Hi Amanda! You can actually run with Kaalia and then keep us posted! Running with pets can be challenging because it depends on what breed your dog is and some other factors. But it should be a fun bonding for the both of you! :)

    1. I'm really excited to run with Kaalia, but she's soooooo young. I want to make sure she gets all her shots before I take her out, and I have heard that young puppies can be developmentally damaged by long runs... I'm checking with my vet next week to see what I can expect with my baby!