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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I apologize for missing the post I had planned for Sunday - something wonderfully unexpected happened.


Finally!  It's been about a year since our old dog, which my husband had owned for 18 years, passed away of a sudden stroke.  There have been many reasons to postpone finding a new pet, but now there are no more excuses: I live close enough to home to come let her out until she's housebroken, we don't have any vacations or travel planned, and the house is (sort of) in well enough order that we don't have to work too hard to puppy-proof.

So without further ado...  Meet Kaalia, the latest addition to our family!

She loooooooooves smooches!

A border collie and German shepherd mix, she's beautiful and intelligent.  We've had her for about 48 hours and she has already learned (and responds to consistently): sit, come, down, bring it (a variation on fetch), and her name!  We are SO proud of her progress so far!  I can't wait for warmer weather, I'm going to have a blast training her to do agility tricks...  PLUS, she'll be big enough that she can run with me sometimes!

She does still have a lot of work to do with housebreaking, though.  We've had numerous accidents, which is of course to be expected with a three month old puppy, but I feel confident that in a few weeks she'll be much more reliable.  In the meantime, we've pulled up the carpet in the living room (it was never tacked down, so that wasn't too tough) so as to prevent any staining.  Unfortunately we can't do the same in the basement, which is our usual chill space, but hopefully by the time she learns how to navigate stairs, it won't be such a problem.

Her favorite chair and blanket.  Cozy!

We feel like we won the pet adoption lottery, especially after a very positive vet experience today.  She's fit as a fiddle, sharp as a tack, and pretty as a princess!  You'll be seeing a lot more of my favorite gal in the coming weeks as she grows and develops as part of the family!

What's your favorite thing to do with your pet?  Does he/she run with you?  


  1. Ahhh! :D! Hooray for adopting such an adorable addition to the family! <3

    I have a cat and she doesn't run with me, but I've been wanting to take her on walks! She's pretty compliant, so I just need to get her a leash... :P

  2. She is too cute! I remember when I adopted my dog a few years ago--it was the best thing ever! My sister has her now, but I love dogs and am so glad that you guys were able to adopt one :)

  3. Awww, congrats on the new member of your family!!!

  4. Aww! Congrats! She is beautiful!!!!!

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments, I'm sorry I didn't get back to anyone until now! It's been a busy time taking care of Kaalia!