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Monday, June 20, 2016

Truelife Fitness Apparel

I think I may have finally discovered the perfect pair of fitness leggings: the Katies from Truelife Fitness Apparel!  These incredible leggings have the softest, sleekest feel of any pair I've ever owned (even after multiple washings - score) and are made from an amazing moisture-wicking fabric that works better than the rest of my "dri-fit" wardrobe.  Seriously, I wear these things in a hot studio full of sweaty bodies in the middle of summer, and don't overheat.  It's basically a miracle.

I bought the large size, knowing my big thighs usually are a size up from my waist, and was not disappointed in the fit.  The fabric hugs my legs perfectly, and even though the waist is just a smidge big, it's still comfortable and the leggings STAY UP, which has not been the case with other pairs I have purchased in a slightly larger size to accommodate for the ol' soccer legs.  No bunching in the crotch in these babies!  My only issue with the fit is that the legs are very long and wrap around my feet if I don't bunch them up a bit around the ankles.  Probably more to do with me being short than with the legging design, honestly...

Beyond just offering amazing clothing, though, Truelife Fitness has an emotional backstory, as do the names for each of the available items.  Owner Jess draws inspiration for the clothing she creates from the amazing people in her life, making attire that fits the personality and influence of the people after which each item is named.  Truelife Fitness is an endeavor of the heart, and the clothing that comes out of Jess's love and admiration is a fitting homage to the people who have shaped her life.  PLUS, Truelife Fitness partners with Women Win, a charity that helps provide young women with access to sports - and the many important life lessons that come from participating in athletics.

Having grown up in the midst of the developing women's sporting world, I know firsthand the power of being a part of an athletic team.  I also know that many girls don't have access to something I assumed was universal as a child, and believe that the mission of Women Win is one of the best ways we can start working to make a better future for the next generation.  Every purchase from Truelife Fitness includes a $2 donation to this amazing program, so if the awesomeness of the clothing wasn't enough to grab ya, hopefully the great cause and inspirational purpose behind the apparel will!

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed herein are, as always my own.  I am not in any way affiliated with Women Win, it just happens to be a cause I support linked to a product I have tried.

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  1. Those are gorgeous, and I love that they support such an amazing cause! :] Thanks for sharing these! <3