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Thursday, March 31, 2016


In the spirit of election year, I wrote both a victory post and a concession post.  While both posts were very good...

I am SO thrilled to be able to post my victory speech!  I'M IN for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC on October 30!  The MCM will be my very first full marathon, and I'm incredibly honored and excited to know that I will be a part of such a historic event.  I've been thinking about this decision virtually non-stop since submitting my lottery bid at exactly 12:01 last Thursday when registration opened, and I firmly believe that come October, I will be more than ready to attempt a feat that as recently as last fall claimed I would never do.  That 26.2 started calling to me, and I'm prepared to step up and answer that call.  You'll see plenty of training updates and related blog posts along my journey, but for now I'm leaving it at this while I go celebrate!

Okay so now, like, for real - marathon training tips/advice/hard lessons I don't want to learn on my own?

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