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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I ran a marathon this weekend.

Okay so I didn't run it in the physical, one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles, kind of sense, but I worked very hard over the past few months and especially the past two weeks as part of the team putting on the Towpath Marathon this past weekend.  We had beautiful weather and tons of amazing volunteers to help, but it was still a very stressful and energy consuming event - and apparently recovery from putting on a marathon is in many ways similar to recovery from actually completing the course!

SO long story short, I'm a little behind on some of my posts, both on the blog itself and on social media.  I'm getting back into it soon, I promise.  I've got a fantastic review of The Drew Co's runner's kit, a selection of skin care solutions for athletes, along with a few other interesting items I've been able to play with lately, plus I'll probably post more about the marathon at some point.  And I've got something BIG in the works, hopefully for November, so there's plenty more to come soon!

For now, check out my Foxy Boxes review for your last chance to WIN a Foxy Box of your very own!  Contest ends tonight (10/13) at midnight!  Or you could go straight to their website to order your subscription NOW with 10% off thanks to my promo code FITNYX10...

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