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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pardon my dust!

Hi friends!  You may be noticing in the next few days/weeks that things are changing here at Adventures with FitNyx.  I'm working hard to revamp my blog, making it easier for you to navigate my page and find interesting information - I'm also working EXTRA hard to provide better content more regularly!  I'll still be posting my product reviews and other articles, but you may see some new things show up and some old things disappear or change places.  Bear with me while I make some changes, and as always, use those comment forms on the bottom of every post to let me know if you like what you're seeing/reading!  As always, you can reach me via email (fitnyx@gmail.com) at any time with questions, comments, concerns, feedback, or whatever you'd like to say!

Thanks for your understanding!


  1. Good luck with everything! I know it can get super overwhelming, but it is so, so worth it when you finish! <3

  2. I'm looking forward to whatever is to come. Good work.