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Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Things Friday: Summer Plans!

The weather is finally turning!  YAY!  I've been out to run with my puppy several times in the past week, and we're both loving it!  In celebration of the end of winter, I've started looking ahead to some awesome summer plans - and have decided to make my Five Things Friday focus on my top picks for summer fun!

5. Yardwork

Okay I know this is a weird one - yardwork = chores, right?  But we have a lovely house with plenty of outdoor space, and I enjoy spending time in the warmth sprucing things up a bit.  We haven't really had a chance to redo some of the planter beds like we want to, mostly because previous summers have seen me working hours away with little spare time for extraneous chores, but this year I should have plenty of time to pull out the old scraggly stuff and remodel our yard into something beautiful!

I really want to make a fairy garden - we'll see if the hubby agrees!
Image source: Tonkadale Greenhouse

4. Taking Kaalia to the Beach

Puppy loves to run - but we've only been around the neighborhood a few times.  I'm so excited to get her out in the world a little more, including on trails, but most especially I'd like to take her to the dog beach not too far from home.  She's such a happy puppy, I can't wait to see her bounding across the sand or through the edge of the water with that big grin and her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth!

Yup, that's exactly what it would look like.
Image Source: Lushome

3. Visiting the Ren Faire

I've been to several Ren Faires (and I've even had an audition to be IN the Faire), but the magic of it never seems to fade!  Last year, we spent our first wedding anniversary at the beautiful Bristol Faire, and this year I'm making plans to take a good friend of mine who has never been for her very first Ren Faire experience.  The exciting costumes, the incredible shows, the elegant music - and getting to immerse myself in all of it - it's just the BEST way you can spend a summer day!  This year I'm hoping to start getting involved in the RenQuest series, which actually lets you participate in questing and adventures across the grounds.  I'm just not sure if I should stick with my past fairy costumes, or use the new pirate getup this year!

And of course, the Tournament is always a big favorite!

2. The Sunburst Half Marathon

Last year, I ran my first half marathon with my father beside me.  It was an amazing experience, but I honestly wasn't quite ready for the distance.  This year, I'm starting early with my eyes on the prize - and I finally have a race on the schedule to keep me honest!  The Sunburst races are held every year in South Bend, Indiana, and have a tradition of ending on the field in the Notre Dame University football field!  Though that special finish line is under construction this year and will not be a feature of the race, the rest of the campus is incredibly beautiful so I'm sure the run will be just as dazzling.  Additionally, South Bend is right between Chicago and Cleveland, making it an easy place for Dad and I to meet up and run together again!  He's not sure he'll be ready for the half, but even if he opts for 10k (they offer 5k and full marathon as well), it'll be another experience to share.  SUPER bonus, there's a chance my brother might be there as well - he actually graduated from ND, and since the race is traditionally held on Reunion Weekend, who knows who will be in town?  Although, this year he's got other things on his mind, which brings us to the end of today's Five Things...

Maybe next year we'll be on the field!
Image source: Sunburst Races

1. My Brother's Wedding

Yup, my brother is finally tying the knot with his lovely fiancee!  And for the first time, yours truly has actually been asked to be a bridesmaid!  I love the beautiful dresses the bride-to-be picked, and she's chosen some gorgeous colors, so I thankfully avoided the dreaded bridesmaid dress curse - and I'm sure the wedding will be equally elegant and tasteful!  The whole family is quite fond of my brother's excellent taste, and we're incredibly happy for both of them!  Can't wait to see him take the next big step in what has already been a very full life!

Both of these are thrown together from inexpensive lucky finds, and no, I'm not the fanciest dresser at the faire by a long shot, but they're still fun!  I have other fairy outfits too, but this pic is from the actual fair last year - hence the MONSTROUS turkey leg.

What are your exciting plans for the summer?  Have any milestones or big events coming?


  1. I love the Ren Faire! I've never gone in costume, but if I did, I've always thought about doing a fairy costume ... mostly because it could be light and airy and I wouldn't overheat. I'm always amazed at the people who wear traditional Renaissance outfits in the summer heat. They must get crazy hot.

    1. There are DEFINITELY hot days but Bristol is in the trees mostly, so it can stay pretty cool. I've done corset and full skirt (I can't believe I didn't post pics of my costumes here, now I'm regretting that, stay tuned for an edit) and been very comfortable, but I've also worn similar and been very hot! Hit or miss, as is any Chicago weather!

  2. Can you believe I've never been to the Bristol Renaissance Fair? We talked about it when the boys were little and never went. Now they're teens and they don't want to go. Sigh.

    1. If YOU still wanna go, all you have to do is shoot me an email and we're THERE. I have extra costume pieces if needed ;)