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Friday, October 17, 2014

Handana Product Review

This week, I was given the opportunity to try out a Handana sweat band!  I'm a very profuse sweater, and carrying a towel with me on runs or for classes can be a hassle, so I was very eager to give this new product a whirl.  Monday night Zumba class was the perfect opportunity!

As an instructor, I really can't be stopping mid-song to reach for a towel.  It throws off my students, many of whom don't have my routines memorized yet (it's still a new studio for me), but it also interrupts my own groove.  Especially when I am rehearsing or trying to choreograph a new routine, I can't be popping in and out of the beat to deal with sweat pouring into my contacts.  Enter the Handana.  This hand-wrap sweat band is the perfect solution for my problem!

I wore my Handana the entire night, and used it frequently, but it never felt drippy or itchy even when full of sweat.  I didn't have to break my routine when the sweat started pumping, which made the entire class experience so much smoother for everyone, and, for me, MUCH more comfortable!  I'm really looking forward to having this with me on summer runs too, when the Chicago humidity is overwhelming and my face is dripping!

Pros: Designed to fit the shape of your hand, so it's not bulky or hanging loose anywhere, which means you keep fully range of motion with no unnecessary tugging.  Very absorbent, and doesn't leak or scratch when it's wet.  Always on hand (giggle) for when you a quick wipe.

Cons: Started a little tight.  In fact, I thought my fingers were going to go numb at first.  I adapted, and when I got the blood pumping with my warm-up routines, it was definitely less of an issue.  Still, I wonder if the sizing was not right for me.

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